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Logicap's Impact in Manufacturing

Logicap Engineering Corp. are the developers of NeXtreme CAD Automation.  The documents listed below reflect the attention the technology has received by industry since its public introduction in 2007.

  • O'Leary encourages manufacturers to adapt in CMTS keynote address by Rob Colman

    Venture capitalist and television personality Kevin O'Leary was keynote speaker at the recent Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS 2011) in Toronto. His strongest message was that manufacturers need to adapt to the financial power shifts in the global market by adopting new technologies while they’re most affordable.

  • We should encourage value-added production in Canada by Gord Hobbs

    Canadian industry is too heavily concentrated in resource extraction and the service industries. For long-term economic benefit, the country must foster entrepreneurship to build global, sustainable manufacturing enterprises.

  • Canada’s prosperity depends on shift to complex manufacturing by Gord Hobbs

    A high North American standard of living is dependent on the production of goods, not just services. To excel against overseas competition, custom manufacturers can win significant productivity gains by automating industrial knowledge processes.

  • Eliminating the Manufacturing Bottleneck by Mark Albertine [4,891 kb]

    At the SME Automation Conference in Toronto, the President of OpenAire Inc. of Oakville, Ontario details his company's experience with engineering resource automation (ERA) technology in the design of massive custom glass/aluminum structures erected worldwide.

  • 3D Detailed Digital Prototype of a Filtration Pressure Vessel [1,241 kb]

    See how effectively NeXtreme CAD Automation enables visualization of complex design concepts by engineer-to-order manufacturers and their customers for near-infinite ranges of product configurations.  Use your left mouse button to PAN, the right to ROTATE, and both to ZOOM. [Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser with ActiveX controls enabled.]

  • Examples of Design Automation Projects [1,083 kb]

    This flyer identifies several vertical markets addressed by NeXtreme CAD Automation technology with examples of boilers, buildings, filtration pressure vessels, heat exchangers, engineered concrete, conveyors, towers, rail cars, specialty machinery, hydraulic cylinders, and office furniture.

  • Habitat for Humanity Canada Applies NeXtreme Automation Technology [6 kb]

    This press release cites use of NeXtreme CAD by Habitat for Humanity to achieve dramatic productivity improvements in manufacturing panels for wood-frame houses, work done by enthusiastic but inexperienced volunteers.

  • Faster Quotes, Bigger Profits by Corinne Lynds [3,029 kb]

    This feature article in Plant Magazine interviews the CEO of 3L Filters Ltd. to uncover the management rationale behind the investment in NeXtreme CAD technology.  See how the engineer-to-order manufacturer justified the project and how it transformed the company through increased capacity and profitability without growing fixed costs.

  • NeXtreme CAD Customer Wins Top Award at C.I.P.A. 2005 Gala [1,471 kb]

    A $10 million manufacturer of nuclear industry filtration vessels earns the Best-of-Show Diamond Award in Canada's prestigious annual competition for most innovative application of advanced software technology.  The competition included giants such as Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Canada, Stantec Inc. and RBC Financial Services.

  • CASE STUDY: The Business Case for Truly Lean Manufacturing by John McCoy [1,359 kb]

    Learn about a visionary entrepreneur who builds entire cement processing facilities as a virtual manufacturer.  He commands his market by excelling in rapid delivery of complex engineered designs suitably documented for subcontract to virtually any fabrication shop.

  • Automating A True Engineer-to-Order Environment Is Possible by Daniel Pillipow [69 kb]

    The President of Arbid Management Inc. interviews a key player in the history of NeXtreme CAD evolution.  The consultant asks hard questions about the technology, soliciting clear responses on key issues of cost justification, organizational transformation, the competition, and planned future developments.

  • The Next Generation of ERP for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturers by Dr. Paul Doherty [52 kb]

    A prominent Wilfrid Laurier University business expert predicts that engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing will gravitate to a new enterprise software technology that manages vast volumes of changing technical data virtually automatically.  Dr. Doherty first coins the phrase enterprise resource automation (ERA) and explains the key differences between repetitive and ETO manufacturing, demonstrating why today's ERP doesn't address the demands of ETO.

  • CASE STUDY: Targeting Customer Service & Market Growth Using Lean Methodology by George Foss [3,780 kb]

    In a management presentation to the High Performance Manufacturing Symposium, the CEO of a company using design automation technology explains why his company was compelled to increase knowledge worker productivity.

  • Design Automation Brings Automatic ROI by Emily Atkins [107 kb]

    The editor of Materials Management & Distribution Magazine investigates the new NeXtreme CAD manufacturing software technology by interviewing both the vendor and an early-adopter customer.

  • The Missing Link in Engineer-to-Order Supply Chain Logistics by Dr. Paul Doherty [5,074 kb]

    An expert in supply chain logistics (SCL) examines the inadequacies of conventional SCL technology as it applies to engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing where product definition constantly changes.  Dr. Doherty argues that design and costing automation (DCA) must be implemented before efficient supply chain logistics are achievable in ETO.

  • 3L Filters Ltd. Adopts DCA Technology to Improve Position in the Automotive Sector by Kevin Cassells [881 kb]

    In this technical paper presented at the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Conference, the Engineering Manager at a custom manufacturing facility describes the process of adopting design and costing (DCA) software technology.  An important observation is that engineering jobs aren't eliminated, they're merely reassigned to the more interesting work of new product development.

  • Adopting Advanced Technology During an IT Downturn - A Case Study by Dr. Paul Doherty [178 kb]

    Here's an insightful paper presented to the 9th International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems.  Learn how visionary thinking led a filtration vessel manufacturer to commit to a unique new engineering software technology during the worst of economic times.

  • Advances in Digital Manufacturing by Steve Krar and Arthur Gill [196 kb]

    In a special edition of Advanced Manufacturing Magazine, the co- authors of more than a dozen textbooks on advanced manufacturing review several emerging technologies including NeXtreme Automation.

  • Design Automation Speeds Delivery Time for Engineered Products by Colleen Mellor [1,230 kb]

    The editor of Ontario Technologist Magazine conducts the first published review of NeXtreme CAD technology, noting that the new software platform has the potential to help improve Canadian manufacturing productivity significantly.