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Engineering Services

Logicap provides dependable engineering services to many firms across a variety of industries including Pressure Vessel, Tool & Die, HVAC, Renewables, Housing & Construction, Automotive, Hydraulics, Oil & Gas and many more.

In the new age of COVID-19, business forcasting for many manufacturers has become difficult, to say the least. Especially with government announcments and regulations changing on a weekly basis. Companies need to be flexible in expanding and reducing the engineering capacity as the demand requires. This is where Logicap can provide quick engineering support on a Job by Job basis. Feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

By making Logicap your engineering resource, you may also qualify for our NeXtreme CAD product, where we capture your engineering rules and produce the detailed 3D design automatically using commercially available CAD software. More ...

Here are our top 10 reasons to outsource your engineering:

  1. Reducing Inhouse/Payroll Costs
  2. Reduce Training Costs
  3. Diversified Product Knowledge - By having dependable engineering resources from many fields, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc., your company can sell more jobs where specialized engineering is required.
  4. Improve Scalability - Adapt to the ever changing demands of your clients.
  5. A Second Opinion – Viewing design hurtles from different perspectives ensures that you have done your due diligence and have the best solution.
  6. Let your Engineers Engineer! - Outsource the routine work, like detailed drawings and estimating, and free up your engineering staff to innovate and improve product performance.
  7. Collaboration - Logicap takes pride in connecting our clients with other firms. Whether it's staffing, manufacturing, capacity or IT needs, collaboration is key to successful company.
  8. Less equipment Costs.
  9. Smaller office space requirements.
  10. You need Engineering expertise from a different country; in our case, Canada! We have the knowledge of local and federal regulations.

Applications Engineering

  • Product Configuration
  • Quotation Drawings
  • Costing
Pressure Vessel, Drawing

Design Engineering

  • Detailed Product Design
  • 3D CAD Assembly
  • Production Drawings, BoM
3D CAD Models, Browser Viewable

R & D Engineering

  • New Product Development
  • Digital Prototyping
  • Supplier Sourcing

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Process Planning