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About Us

Logicap delivers expertise in Engineering, Software Development, Manufacturing, ERP, Project Management, and Sales Management to ensure a profitable partnership with our customers. We are especially qualified in Vessel manufacturing with CRN Compliance, Hydraulic Cylinders, Heat Exchangers, Tool and Die, Elevator Design, Processing Equipment and a vast array of structures.


Outsource your engineering overflow with Logicap and keep your customer happy with timely results. Logicap provides dependable engineering services to many firms across a variety of industries including Pressure Vessel, Tool & Die, HVAC, Renewables, Housing & Construction, Hydraulics and Oil & Gas.

You can count on Logicap for :

  1. Professional Consultation
  2. 3D Solid Modeling
  3. Detailed Drawings
  4. Canadian and US Patent applications
  5. Reduced time to market on unique designs
  6. Design and Information Privacy


Through years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Logicap has developed NeXtFab, an out-of-box software application for Quoting, Purchasing, Labour Tracking and Scheduling the fabrication process. NeXtFab can be customized to suit the needs of any company. For more information visit for detailed information.

In addition to NeXtFab, Logicap also automates the CAD work of engineers using award-winning technology, NeXtreme CAD. NeXtreme enables salespeople to capture critical data and lay out concepts quickly using mobile devices. In minutes an optimized product configuration is presented in a dynamic 3D walkthrough to confirm the details of an engineered design. Manufacturers benefit with accurate on-the-spot quotations, increased customer confidence, and a distinct competitive advantage. The sales force is far more responsive while confusion is eliminated. Schedule a Demo!

Our Team

Logicap has been providing software solutions and has been a source for expertise in engineering for 10+ years. Located in Cambridge Ontario, Canada, our passionate team consult companies to design products, streamline sales and automate redundant company processes in diverse markets. Companies have a responsibility to always be aware of new technologies and ways to improve processes to compete globally. Using most advanced technology, Logicap is here to support clients across many industries. No project is too small for us to tackle. Contact us to setup a video conference call and explore the opportunities.

Discover your potential with Logicap; it all starts HERE.